Friday, March 6, 2009

The Tree

What happened in the Garden? The first man and woman were in the Garden, naked, enjoying life, frolicking with the animals. Adam had named the animals and from what I can see, God did not change the names Adam had selected. WOW. What power is in the tongue. After all, God said, "Let there be ..." and there was. Just think what kind of power you and I have in our mouths. Sorry. I digress.

So Adam and Eve were dancing all over the Garden, when God said, "you see that tree over there? Don't eat of that tree!" There is no indication that Adam and Eve had even thought about "that" tree of the knowledge of good and evil UNTIL God pointed it out. Makes you wonder, don't it? I used to wonder about this whole scene. Why did You, God, put that tree in the garden, point it out and then say, don't eat of that tree? What do You mean, don't eat of the tree after YOU pointed it out?!!?? Didn't You know Your creation, mankind, would mess up? I was taught that You did know, because the Lamb, Jesus, was slain before the foundation of the world. So now I'm confused. Because everything You created, You said was good. Including the serpent who was more subtle than all the creatures You created, and who deceived Eve. (How did the serpent become associated with evil and Satan anyway? More on that on another post.) So this transgression caused man and woman to be kicked out of the garden. And the snake was relegated to crawling on his belly. (Apparently he was upright before the Fall.) And because of one man, you and I and all mankind are now born as sinners. (Will discuss that on another post.)

Now think about this: Adam and Eve, the first humans, commited the first sin and were allowed to leave the Garden but there is no mention that they were going to burn in hell forever and ever. I don't remember either of them asking for forgiveness. Adam blamed Eve, the woman You, God, gave me. Eve blamed the serpent who beguiled her. Kind of messes with your theology a little bit, doesn't it?

Let me hear from you but keep it positive. Remember, I just want you to think.

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