Sunday, March 1, 2009

Think about it.

Are you beginning to question what your read in the Bible and other great books with what you are being taught or have been taught? Do you have thoughts that are contrary to what you're being taught? If so, you are like me. Some things did not quite answer my questions. So I kept searching. I began reading everything I could get my hands on. Especially if the Church said I should not read it!

Are you getting fat on empty spiritual calories? Junk food may fill you up but is it healthy? Junk food makes you sluggish. You crave more and more of it even when you know it is not good for you. Like sugar. You eat something sweet, you get a temporary boost and then you come down hard. You feel worse than you did before you ate the candy bar.

Let's explore some of the things I have questioned. I don't have all the answers. But I am willing to ask some questions. Like what is hell? Where is hell? Where is heaven? Who is the devil? Are we all saved? Did God really select only one group of people out of ALL the people He created to be The Chosen People? Why would He do that? Why did God create man? What is sin? When does eternity start? I was taught that when I die, I will go into eternity (heaven or hell). But how can eternity start at a certain time? These are just a few of the topics I will be exploring. I will also talk about being totally, spitting mad with God.

Now, if you are easily offended, this is not the site for you. Some of you will probably condemn me to your version of hell. My question to you is, What God are you serving? Where is the love of Christ? So let me save you some time and trouble. No need to post angry remarks. I AM NOT GOING TO HELL. I'm sure you have different thoughts and I respect that. Do the same for me.

Anyway, this should be an interesting journey. I hope so. I look forward to bringing forth some thoughts that I hope will get you to think. That's all I want.

Many blessings.

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