Friday, March 27, 2009

Existence of Satan

Just watched Nightline's discussion on the existence of Satan. Interesting but of course, not enough time for such a weighty talk. I guess the audience was equally divided though no poll was taken to my knowledge.

On one side was the Pastor of the church hosting the debate and a reformed, now born again former prostitute. On the other side was Bishop Carlton Pearson who has been called a heretic by the organized church he used to belong to and author Deepok Chopra. I happen to believe we give Satan, evil, etc., too much power. If we gave as much power to Jesus, God, Divine Spirit, LOVE, etc., perhaps the world would be in a different place. The Bible says ALL power was given to Jesus!!! If Jesus has ALL power, how much power does the devil have??? If you have all the money, how much money do I have? So if you believe the Bible, why are you giving Satan, evil, etc. so much power if the very book you read says Jesus has ALL the power? Either Jesus has all the power or He doesn't. Which is it? And then how much of the Bible am I supposed to believe? The part about Satan or the part about all the power Jesus has. God said He created good and evil. For what purpose?

Open your mind. Is the Bible to be read as a literal book or a book about Christ Consciousness?
Talk me down on this one.

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