Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sex in the Church

Intriguing title but this post is not just about the usual deacons cheating on the wives or priests molesting altarboys. Just read an article about a church in Good Hope, Alabama. The Daystar Church in Good Hope is pastored by Jerry Lawson. He preaches that sex is a good thing, in the context of marriage. That's what I thought too. In other words, it's not just to make babies.

Surprise! Surprise! So God created us as sexual beings, gave us body parts that make us feel good but sex is not supposed to be fun. That's why women suffer clitoral castration in third world countries. In those countries, the men can have pleasure in sex but not the women. (At least they know what the function of that body part is for women.) How sexist is that? In relation to animals, we are the only creatures that don't have to wait once a year or whatever to be in heat in order to have sex (mate).

Another minister, Evangelist Roland Belew says "talking about sex ain't gonna get nobody in heaven." I disagree. If we talk about it correctly, which means the Church needs to address it along with parents and schools, maybe it will help people get into heaven. Besides, according to the Bible, there are only 2 destinations. So if we keep folks out of hell by giving them correct information, perhaps they will be going to heaven.

Besides, the Church needs to teach folks how to live the other 6 days of the week. Jumping, shouting, feeling good in church on Sunday does not help you fight the good fight of faith the rest of the week if you don't have the correct information (revelation).

Be for real. God created sex. Not the devil who didn't create anything. And if you really read Genesis, there was a whole lot of sex going on. After Cain killed his brother Abel and was cursed by God, he was marked so that any finding him would not kill him. Any who? Where did this "any" come from? That means there were other people around (unless Adam and Eve had populated the whole earth by then) who were having sex. And if Adam and Eve were responsible for populating the whole earth, not only was there a lot of sex going on but there was some serious incest taking place. WOW. That's a heavy thought, isn't it?

Shout me down, someone.

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