Saturday, September 5, 2009

God's image

We are created in God's image. Physical image? Mental image? Consciousness? If the latter, where did all this doubt, fear, anger and uncertainty come from?

Jesus showed emotion-anquish in the garden and anger. Father God showed anger in the Old Testament. The Holy Spirit can be grieved. If God showed these emotions and we're created in God's image, can we do any less? So if/when I attempt to solve a problem "on my own", am I truly (1)"on my own" since God will never leave or forsake me, (2) doing my own thing as in without God or (3) exercising my God given abilities and talents and being a co-creator with The Creator? And am I wrong if I display anger while solving this problem.

What part do our emotions play in our development as spiritual beings. Can we ever be angry with God? Why not? He certainly got angry with us many times.

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