Friday, May 23, 2014

Fear God

How many of you will admit to being scared of God? There are many Scriptures that begin "Fear Not." And many Scriptures that contain the words, "fear God, fear of God", etc.

I was taught that the word fear meant to reverence God. That's not how it's translated in my spirit. To me, it means to be afraid. Afraid that if I mess up, I will be cast into eternal damnation. After all, God Himself repented that He made man and destroyed everyone and everything except those in the ark (and I guess the creatures in the sea) and then said He would not destroy the earth/His creation by water again. Next time He will use fire. WHAT THE WHAT!!! That means He PLANS TO DESTROY US AGAIN!!!! He said so. Good reason to fear God, don't you think? Not reverence, but shaking in fear. .We've been taught to be afraid of God

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