Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dictator God, Part 1

Why do you serve a dictator God? A God that you are afraid of? A God you pretend to love but in reality, you know that your loving God will snuff you out if you mess up or sin without repenting before you die. A God who demands that you love and obey Him or burn in hell for eternity. BTW: how long is that? Eternity? Be honest. You can't even wrap your mind around the concept of eternity let alone burning without relief for eternity. And lo and behold, boys and girls, eternity does not "start" with death. How can eternity start if there is no beginning and no end to it? You are NOW in eternity. NOW! Right now! You are eternal now. Just in physical form.

Look at the lives of dictators, tyrants, cult leaders, etc. Subjects, or followers, are expected and taught to love the leaders without question, to serve them faithfully (even sexually) and to remove themselves from others which means the outside world of non-believers. This includes family members. These leaders demand that their followers obey their group's doctrine (orders) which may sometimes include killing those who disobey the rules. Sound a little familiar? Not the killing part but how many were taught that their church's doctrine was the sure way into heaven and everybody else had a one-way ticket to hell? Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, other Protestants, everybody other than in your little corner of the religious world was going to hell.

The Old Testament shows a mean, vindictive, scary, killer God who created everybody but then selected one  group to be His chosen people. To hell with everyone else, pun intended. The New Testament gives us a God of love, who died for us but then we have to jump through hoops to stay out of hell. Something is wrong with this picture. Jesus died for us yet we still have to suffer and sacrifice and say Hail Marys and beg in prayer for salvation and blessings to stay out of hell. And of course, there is that little matter of the devil which preachers don't seem to be able to explain. How did Lucifer, one of the archangels, become Satan? Or before that, how did the serpent in the garden become the devil?

Fear and control or love? Dictators and tyrants use fear to control the masses under the guise of love. What kind of love would allow someone to live a good life for 50, 60 or more years but if they commit a sin and drop dead before they can repent, those years would mean nothing because they would wake up in hell?

Still making a point here about a dictator God.

To be continued

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